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A charming pair of Copeland Parian figures: “Young Naturalists”

A charming pair of Copeland Parian figures: “Young Naturalists”

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A finely-detailed pair of large Copeland Parian figures of a boy and girl known as the 'Young Naturalist and companion'. The boy has a bird's nest under his arm and is blowing an egg.  He has a string of blown eggs in his hand. The girl has a bouquet of hedgerow plants over her arm and is looking at a butterfly which has landed on the back of her hand. Both figures are marked Copeland Copyright Reserved and are 40 cm (15.7") tall.  The girl is dated 1886.

These figures are illustrated in The Parian Phenomenon page 142 fig 493 and in Robert Copeland’s book “Parian - Copeland’s Statuary Porcelain” page 196  fig S205.

According to Copeland's book it is thought that the original title of this pair of figures was 'rustic children of England'. Both figures are attributed to the sculptor R J Morris. The figures were first produced in around 1878.


Excellent. There is a slight roughness round the girl’s base and a short firing line within the boy’s left hand between the fingers and the palm.