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A Copeland Parian bust of Oenone from Marshall

A Copeland Parian bust of Oenone from Marshall

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A good quality Copeland Parian bust of Oenone from the original by the sculptor Marshall.  This attractive bust shows the nymph Oenone of Ancient Greek legend, who married Paris when he was a shepherd, before he was known to be a prince of Troy. He later left her for the beautiful Helen, the wife of Menelaus, thus giving rise to the Trojan wars.

William Calder Marshall (1813 –1894) was a popular Scottish sculptor and produced many public monuments, mainly of prominent men and women of the day, but including a representation of Agriculture on the Albert Memorial. A number of his statues were reproduced in Parian.

The bust is marked Copeland, Marshall 1860 and Crystal Palace Art Union. It is illustrated in the Parian Phenomenon on page 181, fig 592.

Height 30cm (c. 12”).

Condition: Very good. There is a small chip to the utmost point of the headdress.