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A Copeland Parian bust of Una

A Copeland Parian bust of Una

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A Copeland Parian bust of Una from Hancock  dated 1863.

This lovely bust from the sculpture by John Hancock shows Una, a character from Spencer’s poem The Faerie Queen, personifying Truth, and for whom St George slew the dragon. The title and names of the manufacturer and sculptor are engraved on the rear.

John Hancock (c. 1825 -69), little known today,  was a London-born sculptor and teacher of sculpting  who was associated with the Pre-Raphaelites and trained at the Royal Academy schools, exhibiting at the Royal Academy and the Great Exhibition.

The bust is illustrated in the Parian Phenomenon  on page 181, fig 591.

Height 28cm (c. 11”).

Condition: Excellent. There is some very minor nibbling round the top of the socle and there is a rattle from a small piece of porcelain introduced during the firing process.