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A good bust of General Gordon

A good bust of General Gordon

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A good bust of Major-General Charles George Gordon (1833 – 1885) by an unknown maker, c.1880s-90s.

This bust of Gordon is unmarked and has its socle attached with slip.

Gordon of Khartoum was a fifth generation British Army Officer who joined the Royal Engineers and served in the Crimean War and in China. There he commanded the force of Chinese soldiers with European officers who were key in putting down the Taiping rebellion. Later he served as Governor General of The Sudan. In 1884, the British Government sent Gordon to Khartoum to evacuate soldiers and civilians following a revolt by a Muslim religious leader Muhammad Ahmad. After evacuating about 2,500 civilians, Gordon stayed in Khartoum against the wishes of the British Government to defend the city against Muhammad Ahmad. Gordon held the city for a year, but eventually it fell, and Gordon was killed two days before a British relief force arrived.

Height: 24 cm (9½”)

Condition: Excellent. There are a few faint kiln specks on the front of the fez.