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A J&T Bevington Parian figure of “Morning Dew”

A J&T Bevington Parian figure of “Morning Dew”

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£240.00 Approx $303.8, €280.05

A charming statuette of Morning Dew by James & Thomas Bevington who produced Parian from 1865 to the mid-1870s. The serene maiden is depicted rising from the bulrushes with her vase of dew.  Morning Dew was also manufactured by other companies including Worcester and Robinson & Leadbeater. Impressed marks are “J&TB” and “l i 3”.

The Worcester version is depicted on page 209 of The Parian Phenomenon, fig 688 (wrongly named as Evening Dew).

Height: 32.4 cm (12¾“)


The piece is in excellent condition. There is a short firing line in the bend of her neck.