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A Minton butter dish, cover and stand.

A Minton butter dish, cover and stand.

Code: 270814

£95.00 Approx $120.25, €110.85

A decorative Minton butter dish, cover and stand, with moulded waterlily leaves and flowers. The stand and dish both have the model number 288 and a registration mark for 26 March 1849. The dish is also impressed “Minton” – this mark was in use between about 1860/62 and 1871. The interiors of the dish and cover are glazed. A set of the same design from the authors’ collection is illustrated in The Illustrated Guide to Victorian Parian China by Charles and Dorrie Shinn, plate 85.

Size: Stand 20cm diameter (8 “); dish upper edge 13.5cm (5¼“), the cover a little wider.

Condition Excellent. The dish and cover have no faults . The stand  has a bruise on the base rim and a tiny flake off the underside of the edge.