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A Minton Parian figure of an angel

A Minton Parian figure of an angel

Code: 260801


A well modelled Minton Parian standing angel.  The figure is modelled with eyes downcast and with hands together.  The quality of the modelling of the clothing and the wings can be appreciated in our photographs.  Height 33cm (13").  Marked Mintons (indicating post-1873)  193 (model number) with possibly a date code for early 1890s

This figure is illustrated in the “Parian Phenomenon” Page 73  Figure 107, where it is given the title 'Angel at Annunciation'.

Condition This figure has a very pale pinkish tint, and a slightly matt surface.  This figure is probably a later firing (late nineteenth/early twentieth century). It appears to be in perfect condition and we can detect no damage or restoration but the unusual surface may be the result of a surface treatment of the whole figure (possibly done during manufacture). Please examine our photographs.