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A pair of glazed Worcester Parian figures

A pair of glazed Worcester Parian figures

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A pair of Worcester Parian figures 'Before the Wind' and 'Against the Wind' (Against the Wind is the figure hunching forward) made with a two-tone glazed body, with the clothes in a cream “silk” finish to contrast with the high gloss finish of the remainder of the body.  There is a turquoise and gilt coloured highlight “brooch” on each figure. Both are marked with a Kerr and Binns shield mark with the date 1862.  The expert Geoffrey Godden notes in his “New Handbook of British Pottery and Porcelain Marks” that this is a “rare printed shield-mark on fine-quality specimens”.

Worcester made this pair in a variety of unglazed white and coloured and glazed finishes.  This attractive two-tone glaze is quite unusual.

An unglazed and painted version of the pair is illustrated in “The Parian Phenomenon” page 211 figure 692 and in the photo of the Worcester pattern book, page 219, fig 716.

Heights 29 cm (11.4") and 27.5 cm (10.8").

Condition. Both figures are in excellent condition apart from some light rubbing of the gilding on the bases.