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A Parian figure of Cupid Betrayed

A Parian figure of Cupid Betrayed

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A Parian figure of Cupid Betrayed dating from around 1860. This beautiful figure shows Venus stealing Cupid’s arrows while giving him a drink.

Apart from the title, this figure is unmarked but is probably by Robinson & Leadbeater.  It is illustrated in the Parian Phenomenon p 252, Fig 862 and on page 16 of the R & L photographic archive dating from the 1880s.

Size: as noted in inches in the R&L archive, height 44½ cm (17½“); greatest length of base 17.8 cm (7”)

Condition  There is a line around the arm below the bracelet which shows up more clearly under UV light. We must assume that the arm has come off cleanly below the bracelet and been re-stuck.  From our photos, you can see that any repair is inconspicuous.