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A Parian figure of Lurline

A Parian figure of Lurline

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A striking figure of Lurline or the Lorelei, unmarked but possibly by Copeland.  The figure shows the thoughtful Lorelei sitting on a rock by the sea and looking at a sea creature which serves as her footstool. Her left elbow rests upon her lyre and her right hand holds her plectrum of shell.  This figure is illustrated in the Parian Phenomenon page 147 fig 505, and also in Robert Copeland’s book “Parian - Copeland’s Statuary Porcelain”, fig S98.  Height 30cm (11.8").

The figure is a copy of the marble statue by WK Schwanthaler, sculpted in 1841 for Prince Schwartzenberg of Vienna. The original is now at Castle Anif in Salzburg; another marble version is in Somerleyton Hall Suffolk and a bronze in Munich.

According to legend, the Lorelei was a siren of the Rhine who lured river travellers into dangerous rapids with her music.

Condition: this figure is in very good condition with possibly just a tiny shaving off one of her right toes.