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A small Parian

A small Parian "Lismore" jug by Minton

Code: 240716


A fine Parian “Lismore” jug by Minton.

This elegant small jug with glazed interior has a fluted body and carries a registration diamond mark for 5th June 1852.

An example with gilding is in the Victoria & Albert (V&A) Museum collection and is illustrated in their on-line catalogue.

A green example with gilding is illustrated in black and white on p110 of The Dictionary of Minton, Atterbury & Batkin, pub. Antique Collectors’ Club 1990.

Height: 14cm (5½“)


This jug is in very good condition. It has a tiny chip on the inner rim of the base and 2 or 3 tiny burst air bubbles and pin-prick-sized kiln dust spots – please see images.