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Copeland parian figure of Sabrina

Copeland parian figure of Sabrina

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An attractive Copeland Parian figure of the nymph Sabrina, modelled seated on a rock in a stream with fish swimming among water plants, and a shell at her feet.  Sculpted by W Calder Marshall, and dating from c1850.  Impressed marks to the back 'Marshall Fect' and 'COPELAND'.  Copeland showed this figure at the Great Exhibition of 1851.  Height 30cm (12").

Sabrina is a character in John Milton's poem Comus, and inside the base is a quote from the poem which is badly worn and very difficult to read. The quote is

'Sabrina fair
Listen where thou art sitting
Under the glassy, cool, translucent wave
In twisted braids of lilies knitting
The loose train of thy amber dripping hair
Listen for dear honour's sake
Goddess of the silver lake
Listen and save'

Condition.  This figure is in excellent, undamaged condition.  There is a short firing fault underneath Sabrina's right heel.