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Copeland Parian figure of Sardanapalus

Copeland Parian figure of Sardanapalus

Code: 220403


A finely-detailed Copeland Parian figure of the Assyrian king Sardanapalus (Ashurbanipal).  The king is depicted standing holding a sword in his left hand on an integral rectangular plinth.  The front of the base has a printed mark 'SARDANAPALUS' and the back of the plinth has the impressed mark 'COPELAND' and the two letters 'D' and 'V'. Height 30cm (12").  c1870-90

Copeland produced a small series of these figures in response to the public excitement caused by the discoveries in the mid Nineteenth Century of the ancient Assyrian cities of Nimrud, Ninevah and Khorsabad.  The Copeland figure is based on bas reliefs found in these ancient cities.

Condition.  This figure is in excellent undamaged condition.  The printed name on the front of the plinth is rubbed.