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Minton nodding head parian figure of Frolich

Minton nodding head parian figure of Frolich

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£290.00 Approx $367.09, €338.39

An early Minton parian figure of Frölich, referred to in the Minton catalogue as 'Easy Johnny' which is shape number 75 in the Minton pattern books.  This parian version has been made as a nodding head figure and has a separate removable head which has a brass counterweight to allow the figure to nod its head from side to side.  The base is marked with an incised arrow mark, and a 'repairers' mark of 5 dots  (see Godden's Minton pottery and porcelain of the first period 1793-1850 p17 for these marks, where they are dated to 1845-50).  Height 19cm (7.5").


This figure is after a Meissen original of the 'Court Jester' Joseph Frölich.


Condition.  This figure is in excellent undamaged condition.