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Minton Parian Abyssinian Slave Girl

Minton Parian Abyssinian Slave Girl

Code: 230510


A finely-sculpted figure of the Abyssinian Slave Girl by Minton, sculpted by John Bell. The semi-naked figure wears a rosary around her neck.

Marked on the back of the base 'John Bell, sculptor 1868'; marked underneath “Minton” with the Minton arrow mark and various potter’s marks. “Minton” was used on wares from about 1862 to 1873.  This figure was catalogued as Shape 451.

The figure is illustrated in “The Parian Phenomenon” page 82 fig 126. According to this reference, no marble original is known.


This figure is in very good condition. There would have been a delicate Parian chain linking the manacles but this is not present and is also missing in the example photograph in “The Parian Phenomenon”. There is a firing fault round the lower left arm and another round the upper right arm.

Height 44cm (17.5”)