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Pair of Robinson & Leadbeater musicians

Pair of Robinson & Leadbeater musicians

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A pair of finely-detailed musicians by Robinson and Leadbeater. The man holds a violin under his arm and the violin bow in his other hand, and the woman holds a mandolin. Each figure is marked 'R & L' within an oval cartouche on the base. The figures can be seen in a Robinson and Leadbeater trade advertisement of around 1895 which is shown in the Parian Phenomenon on page 226. These figures probably date from the last quarter of the 19th century. The man is 40.5 cm tall and the woman is 38.5 cm tall.


The amount of work and detail in this pair of figures can be seen in our photographs.


Condition. These figures are in good condition. The man has some careful restoration to his left hand and to the end of the violin. The woman is in excellent condition.