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Sunshine & Storm: large Parian figures by Copeland

Sunshine & Storm: large Parian figures by Copeland

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A striking and expressive pair of large Parian figures of “Sunshine” and “Storm”  by Copeland, sculpted by William Brodie (1815 – 1881), a Scottish sculptor, originally a plumber.  Sunshine stands straight in her loose tunic and holds a collection of flowers in her skirt She shields her eyes from the sun. Storm is similarly dressed but has a plaid, fringed shawl wrapped around her head and body. She shrinks into it, slightly hunched, away from the storm.

Sunshine is marked W Brodie, ARSA, Sc 1858 Copeland. Storm has the same sculptor’s marks but no Copeland mark. ARSA stands for Associate of the Royal Scottish Academy where the marble originals were exhibited, according to Robert Copeland, in 1859, 1863 and 1869. They were also exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1862.

The figures are illustrated in the Parian Phenomenon” page 149 figures 508 and 510 and in Robert Copeland’s book “Parian - Copeland’s Statuary Porcelain” page 182 figs S167 and S167a.

Heights: Sunshine 48¼ cm (19”), Storm 47½ cm (18 ¾ “)

Condition Very good. There are some losses to Sunshine’s flowers and some small nicks round Storm’s base. Please see photographs.