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A good Parian figure of William Shakespeare


Code: 221208

A good quality Parian figure of William Shakespeare, modelled after Scheemakers, dating from around 1860 to 1870. The figure shows the playwright Shakespeare (c. 1564 to 1616) standing with crossed legs and leaning on his right elbow on a pile of books which themselves are upon a pillar; his left hand points towards a hanging scroll.

This figure is a reduced copy of the marble statue sculpted by Scheemakers, after a design by William Kent, which was erected in 1740 as Shakespeare’s Memorial in Poets’ Corner in Westminster Abbey. An almost identical statue by Scheemakers (1743) stands in the entrance hall of Wilton House in Wiltshire. The Westminster version has a quotation from The Tempest on the scroll whereas the Wilton version has a quotation from Macbeth. The Parian figure instead has a list of some of Shakespeare’s plays.

Height: 34.5cm  (13.5”)


A small chip to the edge of the base; some light dust staining. Otherwise good.