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A Parian figure of the Abyssinian Slave by Minton

£395.00 Approx $539.62, €443.82

Code: 240609

A Parian figure of the Abyssinian Slave by Minton, sculpted by John Bell in 1868.  This model has a date mark for 1897. The rosary beads, which would have been added by hand after the first firing, are shorter in length and simpler than in earlier models (see our SOLD section).


This figure is in good condition. One rosary bead has been replaced and there has been some light over-spraying to the left side of the chest. There is a shallow flake off the inner lip of the base (underneath).

There would have been a delicate Parian chain linking the manacles, but this is not present and is also missing in the example photograph in “The Parian Phenomenon” page 82, fig 126.

Height 45cm (17.7”)