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A rare Parian figure of The Duke of Wellington by Baguley


Code: 250572

A well-modelled and rare Parian figure of the Duke of Wellington by George Baguley or Baggeley dating to 1852.  The Duke is shown standing with one hand behind his back, and with the other arm extended holding a rolled document.  There is a printed stamp on the back of the base ‘Published by George Baguly, Hanley, Staffs, Octo 1st 1852’.  Height 41cm (16.1”)

A copy of this figure is shown in The Parian Phenomenon in figure 896, as of unknown manufacturer.

‘The Illustrated Guide to Victorian Parian China’ by Charles and Dorrie Shinn lists George Baggeley as a manufacturer producing Parian ware in Hanley from c. 1850 – 1854.

Condition   The figure is in very good, undamaged, condition.  There are a few brown stains (to the fingers of the left hand and to the left arm) and a very faint speckling to the figure in places (in particular on the back and legs).  It is possible that this figure has been lightly over-sprayed in places, perhaps to mask firing blemishes.  Please examine our photographs.