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A Parian bust of Isaac Pitman by Robinson and Leadbeater


Code: 261111

A medium-sized bust of Sir Isaac Pitman by Robinson and Leadbeater, from the sculpture by Brock, marked T Brock RA Sc, London 1887. Separate square socle. Height 27cm (10½“).

Sir Isaac Pitman (1813 – 1897) is best known today for his invention of shorthand writing from 1837. He originally worked as an English teacher, later becoming a publisher and printer. He was a strong supporter of simplifying English spelling. He is also credited with being one of the first teachers by distance learning, whereby he sent postcards inscribed in shorthand to his pupils, who then returned a standard English translation for him to mark. 

This figure is illustrated in The Parian Phenomenon page 230, fig 753.

Condition A few light kiln marks, otherwise perfect. A wooden plug has been inserted into the underside of the socle, to fix it to an additional base (not present).