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A small Parian bust of Antinous


Code: 261126

A good quality small Parian bust of Antinous, the lover of the Roman Emperor Hadrian, probably from a bronze by Ferdinand Barbedienne C1850-1875 after a Roman marble original in the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge, England. 

Antinous is depicted as Dionysus or Bacchus with ivy entwined in his hair. The bust is raised on a separate socle which is fixed by a brass nut, bolt and washer. The bust is not marked for any manufacturer but is of very good quality. The detailing in the hair is particularly well done. Height 20.5cm (8”).  

Barbedienne had designed a reducing machine in 1835 which he used for reproducing antique sculptures in a smaller size in bronze. 

Condition Very good, with just 3 small and shallow chips to the top of the socle where it joins the bust.