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A pair or Worcester Parian figures: Before the Wind and After the Wind


Code: 280305

A good pair of Worcester Parian figures 'Before the Wind' and 'Against the Wind' (Against the Wind is the figure hunching forward). Unmarked.

Worcester made this pair in a variety of unglazed white and coloured and glazed finishes.  The figure of Before the Wind was first made in around 1862 and the figure Against the Wind in around 1865, although this was a popular pair of figures and was made over an extended period.

An unglazed and painted version of the pair is illustrated in “The Parian Phenomenon” page 211 figure 692 and in the photo of the Worcester pattern book, page 219, fig 716.

Heights 27.25 cm (10 ¾ ") and 24.5 cm (9 5/8 ").

Condition. Before the Wind is in excellent condition. Against the Wind is in very good condition. She has a shallow flake off the top of the base near her left foot, and a small nick and some rough edges on the inner rim of the base underside, not visible when displayed.