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A Samuel Alcock Parian figure of the seated Duke of Wellington


Code: 270809

A Parian figure of the seated Duke of Wellington, sculpted by Crowquill from Abbott dated c. 1852.

The figure shows the Duke with clasped hands and crossed knee in contemplative mood. This figure was manufactured by Samuel Alcock & Co, originally in 1852 when the Duke of Wellington, hero of Waterloo and former Prime Minister, died. The Alcock mark, including the sculptor is stamped underneath the piece (see photo).

This figure is illustrated in The Illustrated Guide to Victorian Parian China by Charles and Dorrie Shinn, plate 10.

Height 29cm (11½“).

Condition Very good. Professional resptration to the two thumbs and a small area edging the back drapery. There are a few light firing lines to the rear lower drapery.