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A Copeland Parian Comport with a kneeling woman


Code: 280518

This elegant gilded comport is composed of a Parian stand modelled as a kneeling woman supporting a pierced glazed bone china bowl which is attached to the stand by the original gilt brass bolt with flower-shaped top. There is an elaborate gilt border around the base.  The Art Journal Illustrated Catalogue of the 1862 Exhibition shows examples of this combination of porcelains, and a copy of one of the pages is shown as Figure 16 on page 15 of The Parian Phenomenon.  

The Illustrated Guide to Victorian Parian China by Charles and Dorrie Shinn shows a model of the comport in Plate 40, from Geoffrey Godden’s collection, with an identical Parian stand but with a more heavily decorated and unpierced bowl.

Height with bowl affixed: c. 28cm (c. 11”)

Condition Excellent