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Two Parian figures by Robinson & Leadbeater of Africa & The Americas


Code: 300208

An attractive pair of Parian figures by Robinson & Leadbeater representing the continents of Africa and The Americas, last ⅓ of C19th.

Africa wears a lion skin as she leans on  a palm tree stump and has a crocodile at her feet.  The Americas has feathers in her hair and wears a beautifully textured skirt. In her left hand are a bow and arrows and in her right hand her spoils of a bird and a fox-like creature. A snake coils round her feet.

These figures are unmarked but are shown in in the Robinson and Leadbeater catalogue page 76½. Africa is illustrated in the “Parian Phenomenon” page 252 figure 863 in the section “Parian by Unknown Makers”.

Heights: Africa c. 39cm, Americas c. 40cm (15” – 16”)

Condition perfect.