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An impressive Parian figure of Henry Morton Stanley by Minton


Code: 290306

An impressive Parian figure of Henry Morton Stanley by Minton sculpted by John  Alexander Paterson MacBride. The figure shows Stanley, armed with a revolver, holding his binoculars and a book.

Stanley (1841 – 1904) was born John Rowlands in Wales. He was illegitimate and spent his childhood with various relatives before ending up in a workhouse for the poor. He reportedly took the name Stanley after a wealthy US tradesman he met when he travelled to the US as a young man. Stanley fought on both sides of the American Civil war before becoming a New York Herald journalist and travelling extensively in the Middle East and North Africa and India. Stanley is perhaps most widely known nowadays for his meeting in 1871 in present day Tanzania with the explorer David Livingstone.

Stanley’s career continued with exploration and mapping expeditions in central Africa, later he was employed in the Congo and the Sudan by the Belgian King Leopold II.

The figure is impressed with “H M Stanley” and “JAP McB 1890”.

John MacBride was born in Lancashire in 1813 and died in 1890. According to wikitree the sculpture of Stanley was his last. The Parian models were presumably not “signed” under his direction as the “JAP McB” stamp reads McB instead of the correct MacB.

The figure is illustrated in The Parian Phenomenon, page 86 fig 134.

Height: 41cm (c. 16”)

Condition: Excellent. There is some light yellow staining at the rear and there is a rattle from a small piece of porcelain introduced during the firing process.